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About Us

Run26 opened its doors in 2006 and has since become one of the premier running specialty stores in the Puget Sound area. We specialize in providing runners of all types the expert care and advice they need to run happy, healthy and fast.

Serving the Seattle-Everett area, we are committed to supporting local runners including high school and college athletes as well as adult runners looking to improve their times whether it be the local 5k or qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Our staff includes runners who have been through just about every experience imaginable at just about every level from your first training run to racing at the national level.

We have the old and experienced with Shelby at the helm to the young and fast with collegiate runners and former high school champions. Shelby likes to share stories about the ups and downs of training over the age of 40 where training smarter seems to be much more valuable than simply training harder.

Experienced runners can help younger runners looking to make their varsity team or even run and race in college. Of course, their stories are more about sub 4:40 mile repeats that make most of us dream of faster legs, but it’s still fun to listen.

Our staff gains experience from every employee past and present (including former Olympians and All Americans) and we share that knowledge with every runner that comes through our door. We enjoy being able to help a first-time runner simply find the right shoes and get started with their first training plan so they can enjoy running as much as we do. We also like to help many of top level racers in the area run faster and healthier than they ever have before.

So whether you’re looking to take up running for the first time, finish your first marathon or win your first race, Run26 has the knowledge and experience to help you every step of the way.

Shelby has been involved
with running for over 30
years as a competitor,
coach and on the retail side.

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This store is named
Run 26 in honor of
the store owner, Shelby
Schenck’s brother, Steve…

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